It’s Raspberry Time!

Raspberry 8Yay, it is Raspberry time. It has been raining a lot almost every day here in London so I hardly water plants in my garden.

Whilst I was not even going out to my garden my Raspberries gradually started to appear. They were small and green at the beginning and became bigger …

Raspberry 1

And then some of them started becoming slightly pinkish …

Raspberry 2

The tinge of pinkish colour was becoming darker and darker day by day …

Raspberry 3

This week my Raspberries finally became very red.

Raspberry 4

Raspberry 5

Raspberry 6

Raspberry 11

It’s magic! They are really like Jewels or beautiful gems such as ruby. When it is fully ripe the soft berry becomes loose from the core. If you pull it gently comes out like a socket without any force.

Raspberry 7

My Raspberry patch is not huge and these (↓) are the average harvest for one day.

Raspberry 10

I am day dreaming by thinking what I can make with these Jewels …   😀


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