Bristish Bulldog Supports England in the World Cup!

FootballsIt is the time for another World Cup (Football)! I don’t normally watch or support any professional Football teams but I like watching national teams playing especially in The World Cup. When I watch The World Cup I must admit that I become quite nationalist. I mean of course I support the team Japan very much. Yesterday, both Japan and England had a match and went through the group matches to the knock out tournament. England narrowly avoided playing  Japan.

Since I live in London, I support the England team too. As one of the two seasonal Japanese sweets I wanted to create a sweet in this World Cup theme.  In order to show some solidarity to British people what might be the a suitable design? My mind had run though some ideas. England flag is a little too simple as a design. Could it be a Lion? Or maybe a Dragon? I had to widen the area from England to Britain and then the idea came to me of the British Bulldog?!

British Bulldog, Japanese Sweet

For the last Halloween I created a Black Cat sweet. Although I haven’t shown any other designs on my blog, I actually have been working on some other animal designs and this is a great opportunity to introduce one of my Dog shaped sweets.

Bulldog 2

This is my British Bulldog. How does he look? Too grumpy looking or miserable? I have to say it is a Bulldog after all so I did not make it too cutie.

Bulldog 1

The face might look a little bit sad to you but believe me he is not unhappy. He is cheering for the England team in the World Cup.

Bulldog 3

It’s got some Cinnamon flavour as well as Kinako, roasted Soya Bean powder. If you know much about Japanese sweet, it is actually the flavour of ‘Yatsuhashi’ Mochi.

It’s Vegan and Gluten Free.

Bulldog 4

This Bulldog has been served at Wasoukan café (Notting Hill, London) during this (World Cup) month and tomorrow is actually the last day of this sweet being served there. If you are lucky you might be able to taste it just in the nick of time.

Go England! Go Japan! Have a Happy World Cup ⚽️ Viewing!!


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