The Answer is … Clementine Mochi!

This is ‘Clementine Daifuku’. Daifuku is a ‘Mochi’ type Japanese Sweet and usually filled with Sweet Bean Paste inside the Mochi outer layer. However, the combination of it with additional fruit is great and ‘Ichigo Daifuku’, the one with strawberry, is very tasty and hugely popular. I had seen someone was making Daifuku with tangerine and wanted to try making it myself.


Clementine Daifuku

I made some of these Japanese Sweets with Orange coloured Mochi outer layer and some with white one (natural Mochi colour). It was not that unusual if I left the white sweet as it was, but when I placed the green part on top it looked something so unknown. It made me think it could be a round white aubergine or … what? That was how the ‘Guess What this Sweet’ Quiz started in my previous post.

Clementine Daifuku3

So this is the look from outside, just natural white Mochi with the green part as part of clementine fruit.

Clementine Daifuku2

When you cut it in half, the colourful inside gets revealed. It’s got fresh Clementine fruit which was wrapped up with a layer of Sweet White Bean Paste outside. Certainly the look of this halved sweet is striking but when you taste it! It was beyond my expectation with juicy clementine, just the right amount of sweetness and slightly gooey Mochi texture!

Clementine Daifuku1

Of course the most important thing for making this sweet is that you have to select the right fruit. The fruit has to be very juicy and sweet but also has to be tiny and with the right firmness to become a sweet. Luckily I always have an eye for finding tasty clementine.

This sweet will be a great 🍊 dessert after meal!


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