The Walk in Trent Country Park

Walk with Siver birch

Very inviting bright path with dappled light

It was a very fine weather on Sunday so I went to walk in Trent Country Park in Enfield, England.


The Pond near the entrance had a good reflection


Long Avenue creating a breezy shade

There were many people and most of them were with a family. I tried to take a quieter route by going through wilder area.

Leaning Tree

A leaning tree looked picturesque


A bridge in Water Garden area

Blue sky

Blue sky, dark green of woods, yellowy green of grass and a speck of red colour of a deck chair somebody’s carrying … all these colours contrasting so harmoniously. Viewing this scene was the perfect way to finish my day trip.

Blurred Vision

Town Hall shadow

Is this an illusion?

Day 10 on ‘Photo101’ – Mystery & Lighting Effects

This is a part of our Town Hall on Day11 Challenge ‘Behind Closed Doors’. Actually this was shot in colour but looks B&W. This silhouette looked interestingly spooky so I took a photo.

Town Hall entrance

This is the same spot from the front of the building.

Behind Closed Doors

Town Hall

The Entrance Tower standing tall skyward was a very modern design when it was built

Day 12 on ‘Photo101’ – Architecture & Monochrome

This is our secretly famous Town Hall. How is it famous? Because its Art Deco interior has not been touched since it was built and it had been used for filming numerous films and TV dramas. It had been behind closed doors to the public for many years until now and we had a chance to see (and take pictures) recently.

Town Hall indoor  Town Hall stairs

Arches and the Reflection

Arches and the Reflection

Day 3 on “Photo 101” – ‘WATER & Orientation’
I went out to take some photos today by thinking I might get a great shot at a nearby reservoir. But the reservoir was almost empty and it was hardly a picturesque place unfortunately. So I moved on to a park which has some water feature with a small waterfall and … I saw it was a water feature without water … Aaaaah. However, I found this canal area was rather interesting. Lots of curves gathered including a blue entrance gate to the park as the background.
And for Today’s question ‘Horizontal vs Vertical’ I definitely chose horizontal for this spot because more curves can fit in to a frame. However, my question was ‘Colour vs B&W’.

Arches and the Reflection B&W

Yes, I cheated. I took this photo as colour and changed it into B&W. I saw some fellow blogger challenging in B&W shooting and I was motivated to this. It is originally a same photo but I think arches/curves stand out more in B&W for my eyes. What do you think?