Chilled Salad Ramen / 冷やし中華

chilled ramen 2

When the temperature starts rising and Summertime is coming closer, you see these kind of poster or flag at the entrance of restaurant in Japan.

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It says ‘We have started serving Chilled Ramen’. Oh yes, Chilled Ramen! We like Ramen very much and we eat it cold too. It is our Summer Tradition. Summer in Japan is very hot and humid. We cannot survive without eating Chilled Ramen!

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Water over the Edge


Water Feature at Kojimachi Kaikan Hotel, Tokyo

‘Photo101’ – Edge & Alignment

This is one of the Japanese gardens made by the famous buddhism monk designer Shunmyo Masuno. This is built along a Hotel facing to the lobby. There is not much gap between the water feature and the building and water falls down from quite a height. It has a huge impact as water power.

Paths to the Unknown

Bridge in Moss Temple

The Bridge covered with Moss leads you to a quiet World

Day 6 on “Photo 101” – ‘Connect’ & Tag

This is an ancient bridge over a pond in a quiet Moss Temple in Kyoto, Japan. Under a dense canopy the quiet atmosphere spreads out as if time has stopped. I was alone there. Moss spreads out literally 360°. Not just your vision, but your hearing is also affected in this world. You feel like you have been sucked into another dimension.


Tunnel in HollandThis is also a connection in a totally different world in the Netherlands. In this winding tunnel you cannot see where it’s leading you to, but bright sunlight comes through the leaves giving you exiting expectation.

Hatsu-Hinode (The Sunrise of New Year’s Day)

Hatsu-Hinode in Japan

‘Hatsu-Hinode’ – The Sunrise of New Year’s Day

Day 4 on “Photo101” – ‘Bliss & Caption’
There are several occasions/situations that make for me, a bliss moment. It can be a gathering with my family, finishing some satisfying creations, having a nice afternoon tea in a beautiful garden or seeing a happy Labrador puppy jumping around me.
I selected this photo for my ‘Bliss’ picture. It is the Sunrise of New Year’s Day in some year. After a long wait in a sharp cold atmosphere, the moment finally arrives. The sky starts breaking its monochrome darkness from the horizon and then turning into a myriad of colours. Finally the bright orange beam spread outs.
That is our Sun. In Japan we make a wish at the First Sunrise of the New Year. You just feel something good will happen in the New Year. Great anticipation warms up your mind which is filled with big hope.