Weekend Photo – Churchill


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Massive Female Power

Broadgate Venus (2)

Broadgate Venus

Day 7 on “Photo 101” – ‘Big & Point of View’

This is one of the statues that is most suitable to be described as ‘BIG’. It is ‘Broadgate Venus’ in London. I could not do a point of view shot for this one but just compare it with the size of beer bottles and a glass. The shape and the colour as well as its size make such an impact!


Column Object

In contrast to the Broadgate Venus’s curvy organic shape, the next photo has a very geometrically shaped column and a tall building. Although they seem to be inorganic with a similar metallic colour and texture, the column has many cut out shapes of leaves & creatures and the building also has a long gentle curve on its side. By being positioned next to each other with precise calculation they look like a perfect combination to me.