Do you know What These are?

Last week I passed a house which spread a tiny organic vegetable shop in front of their front garden. It seems they have an allotment and they a grow great quantity of vegetables. I’m sure they eat their own vegetables but I guess they sometimes get too much crop so that they sell what they couldn’t consume to public. All the vegetables looked healthy so I decided to take some mini tomatoes, courgettes, green & purple beans, a marrow and … these round things that caught my eyes. I thought they were apples first but they weren’t. Can you guess what they are?

Apple Cucumber1

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‘Cucamelon’ the Tiniest Watermelon

My watermelon is getting bigger. Soon it is ready to harvest at last! But …


Eh?😲, Really? In London?

It looks just like a watermelon, doesn’t it? But its size is actually much much smaller.

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