Triumph of Archetecture and Contrast of Light

contrust 2

‘Photo101’ –  Triumph & Contrast

This place looked rather futuristic. It is a corridor at an Airport. I think it was Charles de Gaulle in Paris.


Some Experimental Shots with Glass

baton twirlers

Baton Twirler Girls in a local festival reflected on window

‘Photo101’ –  Glass, Squared

Here are some of my experimental shots with glass. I tried to get some kind of effect like reflection and viewing through etc … but unfortunately none of them are satisfactory … 😦


wine glass


Water over the Edge


Water Feature at Kojimachi Kaikan Hotel, Tokyo

‘Photo101’ – Edge & Alignment

This is one of the Japanese gardens made by the famous buddhism monk designer Shunmyo Masuno. This is built along a Hotel facing to the lobby. There is not much gap between the water feature and the building and water falls down from quite a height. It has a huge impact as water power.

Can you hear the Scream?

The Naked Screaming Biscuitmen


Day 14 on ‘Photo101’ – Scale & Observation

Can you hear their scream? These are the Naked Screaming Biscuit Men. I was supporting a crowdfunding campaign for a short film ‘The Naked Screaming Man’ last summer and made these little funny & tasty men as a perk for contributors. The film is about a Naked Man hiding behind a bush so I wanted to create edible smaller version of him as a joke hiding behid … broccoli bush?! Basically I scaled the situation down!!

Blurred Vision

Town Hall shadow

Is this an illusion?

Day 10 on ‘Photo101’ – Mystery & Lighting Effects

This is a part of our Town Hall on Day11 Challenge ‘Behind Closed Doors’. Actually this was shot in colour but looks B&W. This silhouette looked interestingly spooky so I took a photo.

Town Hall entrance

This is the same spot from the front of the building.

Behind Closed Doors

Town Hall

The Entrance Tower standing tall skyward was a very modern design when it was built

Day 12 on ‘Photo101’ – Architecture & Monochrome

This is our secretly famous Town Hall. How is it famous? Because its Art Deco interior has not been touched since it was built and it had been used for filming numerous films and TV dramas. It had been behind closed doors to the public for many years until now and we had a chance to see (and take pictures) recently.

Town Hall indoor  Town Hall stairs

Ginger Pork Salad

Ginger Pork Salad

This is a Salad suitable for summer time. It is the Salad as a main dish when you want to eat lots of fresh vegetables/salad and also meat to energise the weakened body in heat. I had diced pork which is normally used for stew or curry but I did not want to cook anything for long time. Summer time cooking should be simple & quick.

When I use Pork I always associate with ginger without a fail. Not just because the favour combination goes well, but ginger kill the porky smell. And most amazingly ginger has the enzyme which breaks down protein so that any meat becomes much more tender by marinating with it. Also Ginger is famous for lots of health factors such as immune system booster, anti-oxidant or anti-inflammatory etc… So why not use fresh ginger more often?

Ginger Pork Preparation

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