The Walk along Cray Riverway & the Picnic

River Cray

Definitely summer has gone away from England. Each time we have some rain the air is getting colder and wetter. Autumn is here now and then … ‘Winter is coming’ … Huh? Are you from Winterfell?

Jon-Snow-In-Game-Of-Thrones( ↑ Don’t mention the thing not everybody understands! 😦 )

However, the Saturday two weeks ago had great weather. As it could have been the last nice day to go out, we did not want to miss the chance. We packed our ‘Bento’ Lunch box and left home for a walk.

PubThis time our destination was ‘Cray Riverway’. There was a little walk from the station to the path. We had to ask the direction twice including the landlord of this little pub. I liked the interior of the pub. Very authentic.

Pub ceiling  

Shortly after leaving the pub we found the entrance to the Riverway which was a small river that went through dense woodland.

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The Visit to Moreton-in-Marsh

St.David Church

St. David’s Church

I visited Moreton-in-Marsh in Gloucestershire. It is part of the Cotswolds in England. It was not a planned day trip. On the contrary it was a very sad occasion … unexpected funeral. But it was a lovely town in the lovely weather as if everything was celebrating my friend’s great talented life. I could not resist taking photos after everything was finished.


Traditional Sandstone building contrasting well with Lavender

house with weathercook

What is this, underneath the Weathercock?

hunger games

Is this the Headquarter of the Hunger Games?

white lion

Very British

station sign

The sign is written in English and Japanese. Thank you! Very kind

It was a memorable moving service in a memorable pretty town. Please Rest in Peace, my Dear Friend. Love you forever xxx