You are Unique

Tiny Leaf in Solitude


Day 5 on “Photo 101” – ‘Solitude’ & “The Rule of Thirds

I found this Leaf popping out from a trunk of a Big Tree. All the other leaves are growing properly on branches higher up getting bright sunlight. It is a Tiny Leaf as if it’s trying to hide away from being noticed…

When you are not doing the same thing as all the other people, you start to doubt whether you might be doing something wrong. But what I want to say to you is “HEY! Why are you so worried about what others think about you?” You are Unique and more interesting. Just be Confident. People will find you special and start following you soon. The situation changes. You can change it.

Regarding the “the Rule of Thirds”, by placing this Tiny Leaf at the corner closer to the bottom I think it certainly creates a more ‘Solitude’ feeling of the Leaf. I like the contrast of colours and texture between the young fragile looking green Leaf and the dry coarse surface of the Tree trunk.


6 thoughts on “You are Unique

  1. I like your photo, plus you have given me an idea about something different for my own “Solitude” picture, which I still have to find. Thanks!

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