Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award


Wow, wow wow! Can you believe it? My Blog was nominated for “Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award“. I was reading a post of Japan Can(ada) Mix by Hilary about her nomination. I was enjoying reading her answers to the questions from the previous nominee, Carissa at Everyday Asia until when I reached to the section about the people she was going to nominate. There were three blog names and one of them was … Mine! I was not expecting this at all.

So thank you Hilary, I am very honored and overwhelmed. I started my blog just four months ago without knowing what I had to do as a blogger. I like food. I love particularly making Japanese sweets so I knew I wanted to go into that direction. But it is people who give me warm words and comments that encourage me what I do now. Hilary is one of them. She takes great photos with challenges and her reports in Japanese culture from a foreign point of view are very fresh and amusing to me. I really appreciate Hilary’s praise & encouragement to my blog and hope I can come up to her expectation in a long run.

Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award


[Question from Hilary]

1. What’s a hobby you used to be really enthusiastic about but don’t do anymore?

There are several things I liked to do, but you asked me ‘Hobby’ so … making pop-up cards was one of them. I made a card which a baby comes out from it or a director chair becomes 3D when the card was opened for a film director wanna-be. It was a fun process to think how to construct the shape and it was a pleasure when it worked as planned. I might start making it again sometime.

2. What’s your top piece of advice you seem to keep giving others?

The thing I always say to myself is ‘it’s better to regret something I have done than the things I haven’t’.

The thing I want to say to other people is ‘keep having a good friendship’. Last year I found my old classmates from the secondary school gathering on Facebook so I joined the group. So many years have passed since then and I had no idea where these people were. One of the members has just come to visit London. It was great! We never stopped chatting.

3. What do you hope will change or stay the same in the next ten years?

Is this question about me? OK, if it is, personally I want to move to a different house. And I want to start doing some kind of food related work. I hope Health of all my family and friends particularly my mother’s will stay the same (or even better) for next ten or more years.

If it is about anything, I hope that we will keep the Constitution of Japan that we cannot fight in another country. We should be really proud that we never allow ourselves to join into any war. All the countries should follow us too. The difference I want to see is that the World would become safer and peaceful without any hatred among any races or countries. I strongly hope all people will change the attitude towards nature and the Earth becomes much greener. I hope nobody poaches any wild animals for fun or in order to use them for ‘non-working’ conventional medicine and ivory.


[Blog Nomination from me]

So, I have to nominate some Blogs/people now. I don’t know many bloggers yet but there are some blogs I particularly enjoy reading. They are all established Blogs so they might have been already nominated before. Even if it is so please accept the nomination from me.

gardeningB – This blog is about Beatriz’s edible garden in Florida. She reports amazing exotic plants and fruits she grows in her own garden. She sometime talks about some animals such as peacock and rascal squirrels with her sense of humor.

I Need Feed – Nell creates amazingly delicious food especially Gluten Free sweets. All the posts come with beautiful mouth-watering photos. It seems like she is going into savoury meal section in the near future so I am looking forward to her new posts.

Margaret Ellis – Margaret writes in wide range of topics and finds interesting photogenic subjects/people to take pictures. Her blog is all about her adventures from traveling to relationship or exciting life with interesting friends. She is a very energetic person and very inspirational!


[Questions to the Nominees from me]

I’d like these three people from the blogs above answer to my questions below.

1. What do you do to keep fit?

2. Which do you prefer living by the sea or in a mountain?

3. What is your guilty pleasure?

4. If you can be a character in a film which character/film you want to be?

5. What is the craziest thing you have ever done in your life?


I would like Beatriz, Nell and Margaret to nominate some blogs/people and ask some questions to them as well. Thank you again to Hilary and thank you for reading this post. 🙂


17 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award

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  2. Keep it up! And I loved reading your responses. I got a fabulous mini look into a little more of you! I enjoyed how you interpreted the questions from different angles.
    Pop-up cards sound like fun! Do you have any photos?
    Your advice about regretting things you’ve done instead of things you haven’t is smart. I’ve been regretting moving cities and your words have changed my thoughts.
    And the constitution… it really is nail biting. My hope is that someone will stop this craziness for good but I’m concerned, especially after the state secrets bill was jammed through.
    Now off to read sweeter things!

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    • Thank you! Lovely to hear from new people. Pop-up card is very fun to make and receive. Do you have any photos of them? and I should try going to have the duck you recommended sometime.


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