Anko Sandwiched Steamed Matcha Cake

amtcha steam cake

This sweet might look like a normal baked Western cake. But it’s not really because …

  1. this is a steamed cake
  2. it’s Dairy Free and also Free from Oil.
  3. Japanese substances are used as main ingredients so it’s ‘Japanese Cake’.

I like steamed cake. It has a much lighter texture than a baked cake. I haven’t eaten any Japanese sweets for a while so my body started craving for something with some ‘Anko’ in it. This is how this cake was born in my kitchen.

a piece of Matcha Stem cake copy

<Anko Sandwiched Steamed Matcha Cake > (Dairy/Oil Free)

  • Egg White  1
  • Granulated Sugar  30g
  • Plain Flour  120g
  • Bicarbonate of Soda  1/2 Tsp  (with tiny amount of water)
  • Tsubu-An  180g


  • Granulated Sugar  80g
  • Water  100ml
  • Matcha Green Tea Powder  1Tbs

(Making Syrup) In a small cooking pan heat all the ingredients for syrup and thicken a little. Leave the mixture aside to cool down.

Place baking sheet in a steam-able container.

Mix Bicarbonate of Soda with a tiny amount of water in a small cup.

Put the steamer on a hob. Make sure the steamer gets fully heated by the time the dough mixture is ready to cook.

(Mixing Cake dough) Start whisking Egg White in a bowl. Add in Sugar and continue whisking untill it forms a hard peak.

Add in cold Matcha syrup into the whisked Egg White. Mix carefully by trying not to decrease the bubbles too much.

Pouring Syrup   Mixing Syrup

Add in Flour and Bicarbonate of Soda mixture and combine well.

Placing into a shapeFill half amount of mixture into the container for Steaming which was fitted some baking sheets inside. Place Tsubu-An like a thin layer on top of it.

Add the rest of the cake mixture over Tsubu-An layer.

Place the container into a well heated Steamer. Make sure to place a tea towel or kitchen paper between the pot and the lid. Keep steaming with medium heat for about 20 minutes.

Matcha Steam Cake From Top

Although the texture is light as the steamed cake should be, it has lots of moisture. It settles and becomes tastier when it’s chilled in a refrigerator overnight.

I’m quite satisfied with the flavour combination and the texture but maybe because it was steamed the colour did not come out as green as I hoped it would. It will be the aim to achieve for my next attempt.

Matcha Steamed Cake with flower

  1. Make sure the syrup is well cooled down before mixing into whisked Egg White
  2. You can add a tiny squeeze of Lemon Juice when whisking Egg White. It helps keeping the stiff speak
  3. It is advisable to flatten Tsubu-An into a thin sheet shape before adding it on top of cake mixture. That makes easier to place it into a container
  4. Steaming boxIf you don’t have a suitable container to steam use any carton box. I used a carton box of Orange Juice and reshaped it into the size which fits in my steamer
  5. Make sure to place a tea towel or kitchen paper between the pot and the lid when you steam. It stops the water dripping down onto the cake.

13 thoughts on “Anko Sandwiched Steamed Matcha Cake

    • そう、「緑茶!」といきたいところだったんですけれど、この日はコーヒーになっちゃいました。

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  1. Nami, this looks like another winning Asian dessert recipe green tea is always delicious in sweets such as cookies, ice cream and crème brûlée I like that this recipe can be made on top of the stove instead of the oven and that it is easy and quick to put together making it perfect for when you are craving a dessert but do not have too much time! I can see that you used the bamboo steamer baskets for the presentation of these fabulous steamed cakes like I did with your Green Tea Cookies!

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