My Very First Purple Kale Smoothie

DSCF3453 (4)

‘Drinking Kale? That must be awful!’ That was what I was thinking until two days ago.

I have a food processor but did not own a juicer/smoothie maker until recently so I never tried making a smoothie before. A small glass of freshly squeezed orange juice first thing in morning is just good enough to me and I have never particularly wanted having a smoothie before. However, since I started my blog I have been reading posts about a smoothie on fellow bloggers. I was convinced that a Kale Smoothie is easy to make, good for health and also delicious!

When the juice maker came to my house I thought ‘Hmmm, I’ve got some organic Purple Kale in my fridge and also some fruit. I have a blender now … Why not try making a some smoothie with Purple KALE?’.

<Purple Kale Smoothie>


(for 1-2 glass)

  • Kale 3-4 leaves
  • 1 Nectarine
  • 1 ripe Banana
  • some water & Ice cubes if you like

Emmm, not much to say here. Just blitz them! If the machine does not run smoothly add some water to loosen up. You can add some ice cubes to make the smoothie extra cold.

So I had it. ‘Purple Kale Smoothie’! I have to say … It was quite good. Rather refreshing. Just one ripe Banana and one Nectarine gave enough sweetness to it and I did not need to add any sweetener such as sugar or honey. The Banana I used was frozen so that the smoothie was pleasantly cold enough and no need to add ice cubes.

Because this was my very first Kale Smoothie experience I went easy on the amount of Kale. Maybe I could have used more of them and that will be my next mission on Very Green Smoothie.


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