Three Unexpected Gifts

3 gifts

The Saturday a week ago was a very happy day for me. I was unexpectedly given three gifts on the same day.

One of them was from my friend who had come to our place for a meal with her husband two weeks earlier. We both live in the same local area but hadn’t managed to meet up for a while. She had previously invited us to a party at her home so we were glad that we could return the favour. And now she sent me a gift. It was this posh Tea Towel with lovely Allium hand print on unbleached cotton. It has such a clean look. I probably cannot use it as I don’t want to get it dirty.

The other two gifts came in the evening. We had another guests for a meal. The second gift was Dairy Free Chocolate with Ginger which was made locally in North London. The taste of the bitter Dark Chocolate (60%) and heat of the Ginger make unique combination. Definitely a treat only for adult.

Ginger Chocolate

The third gift was this Japanese ‘Sencha’ Green Tea in a fashionable package. It is a high quality Green Tea made with ‘Mecha’ (young tea leaves) which was produced in Kyoto. Kyoto is one of the famous places for making Green Tea. Each tea bag was wrapped individually (of course! it’s made in Japan) and one thing I noticed was that the instruction of ‘How to make Green Tea’ came in English and also illustrated as well as in Japanese. I never thought that there would be a time when Green Tea is drunk worldwide.

Green TeaI appreciate this gift very much. Nowadays we can find Green Tea even in a local supermarket in London but it has to be Japanese one for me. Non-Japanese Green Tea tastes very bitter. I believe it goes through a fermentation process to make the flavour stronger. On the other hand Japanese ‘Sencha’ tea has gentle sweetness which I love. If you have found Green Tea is too bitter for you, try Japanese ‘Sencha’ tea next time. It might change your opinion about Green Tea 🙂


7 thoughts on “Three Unexpected Gifts

  1. Oh I love green tea, but I have Chinese green tea at home. I have tasted Korean in the past, but I believe I have never tasted Japanese (unless the Korean one was actually from Japan, and only the packaging was Korean. I don’t know). And I remember there was a difference between the Korean and the Chinese one, so I would love to try the Japanese one to taste the difference!

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      • My Korean flatmate had it, and it was a commercial package like Lipton – only bought in Korea with Korean writing on it. Could as well have been harvested and produced in China and just marketed to Korea, so I don’t know where the actual tea came from, but I remember it had a peculiar taste. I was just beginning to appreciate green tea, though, so maybe I just remember a special taste because I wasn’t much of an expert. Having Asian flatmates, anyway, definitely helped me to turn from black tea to green 😀 Now I love both!

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      • I’m a tea lover, too 🙂 Have you ever heard of Kusmi tea? It’s a brand, French but set up by a Russian in the 1800’s. I love those, I own a few scents. I should make a post about them, they are sold in beautiful tins that would make some cute photos!

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