Halloween at Hogwarts

Although I enjoyed more reading the Harry Potter books, I liked seeing the films as well. When a friend of mine visited me in London we decided to go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Harry Potter Studio Tour

The studio is located at the outside of London. We had to take a short ride on the overground rail from Euston station and a bus. However, it was much closer that I had expected.


Harry22The tour started with Harry’s small cupboard room under the stair and after seeing a small video we were led to the Great Hall dining room. This season it was decorated in the Halloween theme and looked great. The real sized dolls of the professors wearing  their costume were lined up at the front like in the scenes from the film.

The recorded guide said that the size of the sets did not changed at all during the filming of all 8 films so that all the child casts grew up in it.


After passing through the Great Hall our Studio tour began. It was basically a kind of exhibition which gathered lots of sets, costumes, props and hair and make-up stuff here and there in each category. It was a wonderful space full of memorable items for Harry Potter fans and you can walk around with your own pace. The guide told us the record of the longest viewing time was 14 hours achieved by someone!

Harry4Two third of the way of the route there was a café area you were allowed to eat your own food as well, but I am sure that the biggest seller at the counter must be the ‘Butter Beer’. It is a non-alcoholic drink looks like a beer which appears in the books and films that the characters were drinking in several scenes. It is actually a cold carbonated drink with a toffee flavoured froth on top. Although somebody had warned me that it would be too sweet and taste awful, it was something you had to try if you went to this Studio tour. Actually it was not bad at all and tasted rather nice. After walking for while it was quite good to rest your feet with this chilled drink.

The newest section which was added to this studio tour was the Forbidden Forrest corner. It sounded interesting and I expected it would be wonderful but I have to say it was a little disappointing. Maybe huge spiders coming down from the ceiling can be scary enough for small children but it was not for adults at all.


Computerized models were also displayed and it was strange to see the last form of Voldemort laying on the desk with wires.


If you believe in magic, a letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry might come to you through your post box or chimney sometime.


It was fantastic to end this magical world tour with the magnificent model of Hogwarts Castle.


Have a Happy 🎃 Halloween!!


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