Soufflé Pancake with Redcurrant Sauce

It is Pancake Day today. To be honest I did not have any plan of making Pancake or even having any Pancake at all. But when I saw some beautiful and tasty looking Pancake photos on some people’s posts I could not resist making one.

I did not have any fresh fruits at home, however, I remembered that I had some frozen Redcurrant in my freezer. So my pancake making had begun …

Soufflé Pancake with Redcurrant Sauce

I used my recipe when I made a similar Soufflé Pancake two years ago. That time I used fresh Strawberries for making sauce. I also changed some ingredients so I am writing the new recipe with some changes below.

Souffle pancake1e

[Ingredients]  (for 3 small/2 big pancakes)

  • Egg  1
  • Sugar  20g
  • Coconut Oil / Butter (unsalted)  10g
  • Plain Flour  20g
  • Soy Milk / Whole Milk  3 Tbsp
  • Vanilla Extract  a little
  • a squeeze of Lemon Juice

(Redcurrant Sauce)

  • Redcurrant (fresh or frozen) 100g
  • Sugar   3 Tbsp
  • a squeeze of Lemon Juice


(Making Redcurrant Sauce) Place Redcurrants in a small sauce pan with sugar. Add in a squeeze of Lemon juice and start heating on a low heat with the lid on. When the juice comes out from the fruit remove the lid and continue heating for a few minutes. When the liquid gets reduced and it becomes a sticky saucy consistency turn off the heat

(Making Pancake) Separate Egg into Yolk and Egg White. Melt Coconut Oil on a hot bath

Mix Yolk and sugar to make a creamy texture

Pour melted Coconut Oil into Yolk mixture and followed by adding Plain Flour. Mix well all together

Add in Soy Milk and Vanilla extract. Mix well to make it into a smooth creamy texture

Into a bowl with Egg White add in a squeeze of Lemon juice and start whisking it with electric whisk until it creates a stiff peak

Add 1/3 of whisked white egg into Yolk mixture and combine well. Add in the rest of whisked white egg into yolk mixture but this time combine very gently by trying not to disturb the bubbles too much. You don’t need to mix it up evenly. Some lumpy whisked white egg can be left

Heat a wide frying pan on a low heat with a tiny amount of Coconut Oil on the surface. Place a scoop of pancake mixture in the middle of hot frying pan and place a lid over it. Cook it for a 6-7 minutes

The dough should be risen like a soft sponge. Check if the surface of the pancake is not too sticky and flip it over gently to cook the other side for 10 seconds

*It is recommendable to oil the spatula for flipping. Tiny amount of oil stops it from sticking to pancake

Take the pancake off the heat and place it on a plate. Pour the Strawberry sauce and serve.

Souffle pancake2e

Have a lovely Pancake Day!


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