Depa-Chika with Beautiful Sweets & Hanami Bento

Prawn Crackers display デパ地下 和菓子 えびせんべい

‘Ebi-Senbei’ – Prawn Crackers are famous savoury/sweets from Nagoya

If you are Foodie and when you are in Japan one of the places you must go is ‘Depa-Chika’. It is the shortened name for the Basement (Chika) of the Department Store and it is basically a Food Court. Lots of small food shops gathered on one or two floor in the Basement of a Department Store that sell all sorts of food, savoury or sweet, and drink.

Depa-chika デパ地下

A very noticeable thing in the Depa-Chika is that their products are displayed so beautifully, particularly in the Sweets shop section.

Depa-chika Japanese Sweets Wagashi デパ地下 和菓子

Wagashi – Japanese sweets on display

Depa-chika Prawn Crackers デパ地下 和菓子 えびせんべい

Prawn Crackers with pretty patterns

Some western sweets and desserts with a Japanese twist (or Japanese sweets with a western twist?) look very interesting and vibrant.

Depa-chika wafu dessert  デパ地下 和風デザート

Depa-chika Western Japanese sweets デパ地下 和風デザート

Depa-chika western Japanese sweets デパ地下 和風スウィーツ

Depa-chika Bento デパ地下 弁当The time I went was in the middle of Sakura / Cherry blossom viewing season. So there were many shops trying to draw people’s eyes to their ‘Bento’ lunch boxes. Japan is the capital of Bento culture after all.

Depa-chika Hanami Bento デパ地下 弁当


And these are from the savoury section. All the busy people come here to get their dinner! There are more than plenty and a wide variety of meals available.

depa-chika fried dish デパ地下 惣菜

(Top) ‘Wagyu Croquette, (Bottom/Left) One of Nagoya-Meshi, ‘Miso Katsu’ on a skewer

Depa-chika chicken デパ地下 惣菜


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