Me & Supermarket in my Home Town, Japan

It’s been nearly three months since I started my blog. I am slowly getting what I have to do as a blogger but in order to do it properly I am going to follow the instruction of “Blogging 101” & “Photo 101” for the next few weeks. Today is Day 1, so let me re-introduce myself to you. 


Who I am and Why I am here?

I am Japanese and live in London. I like creating things, anything visual but particularly FOOD. I love eating and making food. So did you guess? Yes, I am a Food blogger. I post what I make & eat or show you something I think interesing.


As a Japanese foodie I would like to introduce you to Japanese food other than just Sushi. I am passionate about making Japanese Sweets. They are very different from any western sweets. Many of them are Dairy/Egg/Gluten-Free. I have been planning to post ‘How to Make Japanese Sweets’ for a while, however, I had to rearrange my plan to post starting from the very basics. So it is taking a little bit longer but don’t worry I will start posting very soon.


Supermarket in my Home Town, Japan

I just came back from Japan and my blog is in the middle of the report on Visiting Japan, so for another assignement ‘HOME’ I introduce to you the Supermarkets in my Home Town in Japan.

There are three supermarkets near my mother’s house. They are all ordinary sizes and nothing special in Japan. However, what you find there is a feast for the eyes.

‘Sashimi’ always looks so fresh & very inviting in Japan.


Guess what this is?

It’s ‘Fugu’ the Pufferfish.

How about this?
shiro miru gai

Its Japanese name is ‘Shiro Miru-Gai’ or ‘Namigai’. They are huge shellfish. The shell alone is about 15cm in length. It looks intimidating and I have not tried this yet, but heard it’s actually tasty as ‘Sashimi’ or ‘Sushi”.

It is not just only the fish section, but the meat section also looks very interesting there.

Shabu Shabu

These are super thin slices of beef for a Japanese dish called ‘Shabu-Shabu’. Each slice is wrapped up for easy careful handling and they look like expensive scarves on display.

Wagyu selection

Lots of selection to choose from ‘Wagyu’ meat.

These are buffet stands for fried food and also fish products made from ’Surimi’.



Fish products made from ‘Surimi’

WHAT? A library in a super market?

curry shelves

Gourmet Curry selection looks library in a Supermarket

No, it is a special Curry section from all over Japan. They are ready-to-eat gourmet curry, packed in individual boxes. They have all sorts of unique ingredients and different flavours & strength.

Actually the naming of these curries is very funny. They are like ‘The Curry that took 100 hours to cook’ ‘Curry Champion’ ‘Wasabi Curry’ ‘Hello Kitty Yokosuka Navy Curry’ ‘Oyster Curry’ ‘Melon Curry’ ‘War Time Curry’ etc. Each Curry sounds so inventive. Have to try out all!


15 thoughts on “Me & Supermarket in my Home Town, Japan

  1. The best part for me was practicing reading the signs. I’ve been studying kanji and feeling overwhelmed and it was fun to see that I could recognize and remember some kanji. Yay! I’m looking forward to reading more! And try not to worry about the quality of your camera. It’s possible to take amazing pics with very simple cameras. A “good” pic is also subjective, like music or food, right? Have a great day!

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  2. Great photos. I’d like to see the recipes for sweets. 🙂
    I ate fugu as tempura in Shimonoseki, at the fish market. Good one. 🙂 I don’t really remember much about shops (konbini) in Japan. I wanted to take some photos, but I was stressed out. Next time, I won’t make this mistake. 😉
    I’d like to try that curries. Staying in a hotel doesn’t help. 😉

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    • Thanks, ‘Tempura’ at the Fish market must’ve been the very good one! Hope you tried staying in a Japanese style Inn also? They serve good meal. Sweets recipes are coming soon.

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      • Yes, it was great. 🙂 I stayed at ryokan, but the meals I remember the most are from Shimonoseki. My friend took me to a nice place, with kimono and traditional dishes – but I don’t remember all the names of food. If I posted it, could you help me? I ate kurigohan (made by my friend’s mother) and great sushi at kaitenzushi place. I now know natto is not to my liking. 😛 I’ll stop for now. Cheers.

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