Tea in the Garden with Two Visitors


One afternoon we had visitors. This is Bella the Jack Russel. She came to my garden with Liliane for Tea. This was Bella’s first time coming to our garden so she was so excited and explored everywhere. That is why she was covered with some stuff on her body.

So for the Tea I made two things. Sweet Potato Muffins’ and my signature biscuit ‘Kinako Shortbread’.

tea in garden

Bella side

Wwwwhat is it? Something smells nice!

‘Sweet Potato Muffins’ were OK but I have to admit they were not as good as I wanted them to be. (They became much tastier the following day after resting overnight). Last time I made them, they were great and that was long time ago (it was before blogging time). I did not write down the recipe … 😦


However, with her first bite of my ‘Kinako Shortbread’ Liliane loved it. She is a great cook so she is keen to know the recipe. She wanted know what the key ingredients were and wanted more.

Kinako Shortbread

I explained what ‘Kinako’ was and showed the powder. She seemed very interested and asked me to supply a batch of these biscuits for another occasion.

So I will make a bigger amount in two weeks time for her. Hooray! 🙂

Bella wants food

Giiiiiiive Me those Biscuits! Pleeeease!


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