Pancake Day in Japanese Style

It’s ‘Pancake Day’ today! It is not familiar Day for Japanese but I know it comes every year near Springtime.

So, what is Pancake Day?

Pancake Day is also called Pancake Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday. It is a day before the start of Lent which is the period of 40 days leading to Easter. As you can guess I am not Christian so this is the maximum I can explain about this day. What I understand is that the Pancake day is the day people try to use up all their eggs, fat and sugar in order to clear up the cupboards at home before another feasting period (Easter).

What they do?

People make Pancakes! That is the main thing. There are some festivals and people race with a frying pan on one hand flipping pancake whilst running. It’s a fun day. On social media I saw someone who lives locally asking where is a cafe that serves good pancakes. I guess it is great to know where a good cafe is but what I can’t understand is why this person doesn’t make Pancakes herself? Originally that is what this day is for, isn’t it? And it is not difficult to make a pancake either. You just need basic ingredients of eggs, sugar and flour.

So I made my own pancakes. In my kitchen it cannot be a normal pancake. It has to be a Pancake in Japanese style. I made ‘Dorayaki‘ with ‘Matcha‘ Green Tea flavour.

Matcha Drayaki

Matcha Dorayaki half

There is a confession to make. I started writing this post with the intention of introducing how to make Doyayaki but I decided not to post the recipe this time. Although this Matcha Dorayaki tasted fine, I was not convinced completely. It should have something a little more …

Matcha Dorayaki 2

I am going to adjust and develop the recipe and will post it when I am really satisfied with the result. Please wait for me  🙂


12 thoughts on “Pancake Day in Japanese Style

  1. Excellent!
    In my experience, Matcha green tea powder goes very well with milk products like whipping cream. It is good idea to add Matcha into wheat, but it would be better that Matcha is not added into wheat, but Matcha is used to make Matcha cream instead of Anko (red beans paste).
    I would be excited to see your new Matcha drayaki next time!

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  2. Hi Mutsumi, nice recipe with Matcha inspiration! In France we also celebrate pancake day but we call it Mardi Gras and the whole family cooks French pancakes (crêpes). It’s so fun. This year I’ve honored the celebration in advance here in Kenya (I cooked them last weekend!). I don’t find foodie products like Matcha here in Nairobi, I will have to bring them next time I travel to Paris!

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