My Beautiful Redcurrants!

Britain is in the best season in a year now. It is also the great season for soft fruits. About two weeks ago I was given a very beautiful surprising gift. It was a huge bowl-full of magnificent Redcurrants which was from a very grand garden of a good friend of mine.


The fruit was so fresh and shiny. It was amazingly beautiful!

Redcurrants 5

Actually I was given them in two separate days, the first time as the next photo below and the second time as the first and the second photos above.

Redcurrants 6

When they got caught in the sunlight the Redcurrants shine more beautifully than a Ruby stone. Truly Amazing! It is a real Jewel of a garden.

Redcurrants 2

What can I make with them? Jelly? Cake? Pie?

Redcurrants 3

I did not want to waste this fabulous crop by rushing the decision so that I made a small cake with some of them and then froze the most.

Redcurrants 4

The cake with some Redcurrants was tasty and pretty with pink dots here and there. I did not realise that I hadn’t taken any photo until only a small piece of the end was left, hence the photo result was as poor as below… (-_-;)

Redcurrant cake

I am dreaming what I should make out of the Redcurrants I kept in the freezer …. Any suggestion?


4 thoughts on “My Beautiful Redcurrants!

  1. Such a beautyful batch of gems! If you’d want to show them off, I’d recommend baking a french tarte with them~ As for savories… redcurrants work ridiculously yummy with oven-roasted birds (chicken, quali and especially duck) or venison. On the veggie side: roasted fennel, drizzled with lemon juice and the currants on top. I also use them as juicy little pops on salads, cheesy bites (the stronger the cheese, the better the currant-experience) and as replacements for pomegranate seeds in north african/near-/middle eastern dishes~

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    • Oh, thank you very much for lots of suggestion. It is immensely helpful. I’d love to try it for the ridiculously yummy roast and the juicy little pop on salad sounds interesting too! I am very excited trying it out for new things. Much appreciated ♥


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