Diana Garden in Kensington Gardens

I mentioned that Kensington Gardens is famous as the place where the fictious character Peter Pan lived but it is also famous for the place Princess Diana lived after her divorce with Prince Charles. When I visited Kensington Gardens, it was also a memorial period of 20 years since her death. Apart from looking for Peter Pan another main purpose of my visit to this park was seeing the memorial garden of Kensington Palace which was specially planted for this occasion.

Kensington Palace is located very west part of Kensington Gardens. Several bunches of flowers were placed at the front gate of the Palace. If it was on the actual day of her memorial I am sure there would have been more flowers.

Kensington Park9

In front of the Palace there is a huge statue of Queen Victoria seated and looking towards the park. This is the entrance for the visitors who are going to see inside of the palace Museum but where I was interested was located on the right side of this space.

Kensington palace

The Princess Diana Memorial Garden is located on north side of the front of the Palace. It is a very formal sunken garden surrounded by tunnels created with some pleached shrub (it could be Hornbeam?).

Kensington Park5

The theme for this memorial occasion was White Garden. Of course ‘White’ is the most suitable choice for this occasion. Almost all the flowers of the plants were unified in white colour but there were some very soft pink or yellow colours to be seen too.

Kensington Park7

Kensington Park8

Kensington Park6

There is another famous memorial for Princes Diana in this garden. It is ‘Princess Diana Memorial Fountain’ which was built in 2004.

Kensington Park2

This fountain is in the circle shape which the design was aimed to reflect Diana’s life. The water flows continuously in a circle from the highest point to lower direction as it cascades, swirls and bubbles before meeting in a calm pool at the bottom to go back where it started. When it was opened there were some problems such as the water did not flow in a circle or some children slipped in water but it has fixed now so people can enjoy gathering in this water feature in summertime.

Kensington palace2

the Sign on pavement in the park


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