Meeting Green Parrot in Kensington Gardens

I visited Kensington Gardens in September and noticed there were so many Sweet Chestnuts on branches. They must be falling down to the ground by now and ready to eat.

Kensington chestnut

While looking around in the park at the little details, I noticed something camouflaging so well in big trees.

There were little green things in this green foliage of this tree. Can you see them among the chestnuts?

Kensington parrot

They are green parrot called Rose-ringed Parakeet. They used to be a domestic pet but escaped and now breed to flourish in many London parks. However, there was one thing I didn’t know. They take food from human hands.

Kensington Parrot2

They were actually a little choosy. They seemed to prefer sunflower seeds and ignored other bird seeds. Actually one of the birds complained to me by biting my finger (not too hard though) that no more sunflower seeds were left on my palm. So, if you go to visit Kensington Gardens or any other park in London take some sunflower seeds and enjoy meeting new green friends!


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