London at Night Time before Christmas

Every year the main streets of London get a Christmas Illumination to brighten up the town and cheer up shoppers. Different sponsors create different types of lighting and some years I get disappointed but this year I was very impressed with the beautiful illumination. It seems like it has got a theme of an Angel, wings and Feathers throughout the town. I think London looks very pretty at Night Time before Christmas.




The Angel on Regent Street has wings which light up and down as if it is flying.

The small but rich side street has no angel. However, here it’s got lots of gorgeous lights in Peacock feather shape instead and that looks more suitable for the image of this street.


Covent garden In Covent Garden the square and shops are also lit up and decorated in a Christmas theme. It has giant Mistletoe hanging down from above.




Harrods and Knightsbridge

I enjoy seeing window display during this time of a year and particularly loved the lovely ones from Fortnum & Mason. It is created in a very colourful collection of dreamy scenes with many cute animals.

So, wherever you are,

Covent garden2

Have a Merry 🎄Christmas and Wonderful Time!


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