Raspberry & Cream (Meringue style)

I apologize that I have been absent for quite a while. I went back to Japan at the end of December for spending New Year’s Day with my family and also for meeting up with some friends whom I haven’t seen for many many years. I was hoping that I could make some sweets whilst I was staying in Japan but it was difficult to work in somebody else’ kitchen where you don’t have the right tools and materials you normally use. I ended up not making any sweets there. So here is my first sweet in 2019.

Raspberry & Cream in Meringue Style

Today is the 14th of February and as you can guess I created this sweet for Valentine’s Day! I have been thinking some possible designs for this occasion such as something with heart shape. But as that was a too obvious and well used idea I wanted to make something a little more subtle to express Love this year. I had one image in my mind. It was perfectly swirled soft pink meringues with a softly whipped cream sandwiched in between and I wanted to create this as Japanese sweet.

Raspberry & Cream1

The meringue-like pieces of my sweets did not become as perfect as I wanted, but has got the swirly shape as well as the gentle marble pattern with white and light pink colour which was created with Raspberry and not by using any colouring.

The main part is White bean paste base Japanese sweet called ‘Nerikiri’ and does not contain any gluten nor egg.

Raspberry & Cream2

The cream sandwiched in between those pieces is Sweet White Bean Paste with a creamy flavour. Yes, it is creamy but you can still taste the sweet bean paste slightly as a nice after taste. It is not the usual Vegan option but for some special occasion like Valentine’s Day I think it is great to have a little fun with bit of dairy.

💕 Happy Valentine’s Day for everyone.💕


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