Arches and the Reflection

Arches and the Reflection

Day 3 on “Photo 101” – ‘WATER & Orientation’
I went out to take some photos today by thinking I might get a great shot at a nearby reservoir. But the reservoir was almost empty and it was hardly a picturesque place unfortunately. So I moved on to a park which has some water feature with a small waterfall and … I saw it was a water feature without water … Aaaaah. However, I found this canal area was rather interesting. Lots of curves gathered including a blue entrance gate to the park as the background.
And for Today’s question ‘Horizontal vs Vertical’ I definitely chose horizontal for this spot because more curves can fit in to a frame. However, my question was ‘Colour vs B&W’.

Arches and the Reflection B&W

Yes, I cheated. I took this photo as colour and changed it into B&W. I saw some fellow blogger challenging in B&W shooting and I was motivated to this. It is originally a same photo but I think arches/curves stand out more in B&W for my eyes. What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Arches and the Reflection

  1. I actually think that black and white works better for me. It’s creating more of a mood, telling a story better. I like the way your eye is drawn to the curves. Nice shot 🙂

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    • Oh, thanks Mel for your opinion. You see, even the plants in water are creating curves. I think if I could’ve created more contrast, the B&W probably looked much better.


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