A Long Steep Street

Inderwick Rd

Day 2 on “Photo 101” – ‘STREET’

There are some other things I like to do as well as making & eating Food. Photography is one of them. Today’s theme for “Photo 101” is ‘STREET’ so here it is.

This street is a long and very steep road. I wanted to capture how big the slope is on my camera but it was much more difficult to do than I thought. Both ends of the road are almost like a hill and the middle of it is the lowest part. It is actually like a valley. But unfortunately you can’t get this impression in the photo. Or can you?

I don’t have a very expensive camera yet. I wonder if a better lens could have created the vision I wanted.


7 thoughts on “A Long Steep Street

  1. Great photo. The symmetry makes it.

    On capturing the slop. If you shot it from the bottom of the street up, getting low on the ground yourself, would the cars angles create the slope for you?

    All my best.

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  2. こんにちは。
    面白い写真ですね。谷みたいな勾配、わかりますよ! スキーができそう。

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    • Miyo さん、お越し頂きどうもありがとうございます。急勾配を少し感じ取って頂けたみたいで、嬉しいです。今週から3~4週間、BlogとPhotoのコースに参加しています。そのため思いもかけず毎日投稿することになってしまって…(汗)。日本語版にも同じようなコースはありますか?またお寄りください、お待ちしています。


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