Although I haven’t manage to post ‘How to Make An/Anko’ yet (‘Tsubu-An’ Making has been posted now), I decided to go ahead with this post by thinking that presumably some readers know what ‘An/Anko‘ is and where to get it. But if you don’t know I will post how to make it shortly.

So have you heard of ‘Anko-ruffles’ before? No? You might have guessed it. Yes, it’s a made-up name from ‘Anko’ + ‘Truffle’ by me. These are Japanese Sweets I created but just look like Chocolate Truffle, don’t they? The taste and texture are completely different. This is one of the easiest Japanese Sweets to make. If you can gain some ‘An/Anko’ by either making it yourself or buying it.

 <Anko-ruffles> (Gluten/Dairy/Oil, Fat Free)

Anko-ruffle with TeaAn/Anko is the most essential ingredient in Japanese Sweets ‘Wagashi’. It is sweet bean paste. The one I used for this sweet is ‘Tsubu-An’ which is made from Azuki beans. If you have a little amount of ‘An’ (An is sometime called ‘Anko’. They are exactly same things) and some powder ingredients, you can make Anko-ruffles!

As the dry powder ingredients I used ‘Matcha’ Green Tea, another Japanese substance ‘Kinako’ and Chocolate Powder for this time. I will talk about ‘Matcha’ Green Tea and ‘Kinako’ in separate posts.

[Ingredients] (Makes about 15)
  • 200g of Tsubu-An/Anko
  • 2-3 Tbs of Kinako
  • 2-3 Tbs of Matcha Green Tea Powder
  • 2-3 Tbs of Chocolate Powder
  • Some Icing Sugar, Optional*

Divide Tsubu-An/Anko into the size you desire and make into balls. Anko devided Anko rolled

Put Matcha Green Tea Powder (and Icing Sugar if you prefer) into a bowl. Place one Anko Ball in the bowl of Green Tea Powder and roll it over the Tea to coat the surface with the powder.

Anko into Matcha copy Anko rolled in Matcha

Do the same for the rest of the Anko Balls with Green Tea, Kinako or Chocolate Powder. If you find that the coating of Tea Powder, Kinako & Chocolate Powder overpowering, you can add some Icing Sugar with each powder.

Anko-ruffles lined up

Anko-ruffle inside So there it is. Easy to make Anko-ruffles!

Have these Anko-ruffles with a cup of Green Tea or Coffee.


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