Tai-Yaki & Half-Moon-Yaki            (たい焼き&半月焼き)

Taiyaki in the sea

So my fist post after ‘How to Make Tsubu-An’ is ‘Tai-Yaki’. It is one of the most popular street foods in Japan. The name ‘Tai’ means ‘Sea Bream’ and ‘Yaki’ means ‘something baked or grilled’ in Japanese. Although it is called ‘Tai/Bream’ it has sweet filling, which is normally bean paste, and not having any fish at all. It is just a fish shaped sweet.

It is a waffle like sweet filled with traditionally Tsubu-An centre. Recently people started using some new fillings but Tsubu-An is still the most popular one. That is just because it is the best combination & simply delicious.

Tai-yaki inside

Tai-yaki with Tsubu-An & ‘Shiratama (mochi)’ filling

<Tai-Yaki (たい焼き)>

Tai-yaki machineFor making sweet in a fish shape you have to have a fish shaped frying pan. This pan I bought on-line is not for a professional use and it was reasonably priced. It has pros/cons but it does the job for family use.

I have seen several recipes of Tai-Yaki and some of them are using pan cake kind of batter. But for me Tai-Yaki skin has to have a slightly crispy texture. This recipe is simple, vegan and creates a perfect crispness for this sweet.


(for making about 4-5 Tai-Yaki)

  • Tsubu-An;  200g
  • Plain Flour;  200g
  • Sugar;  2 Tbs
  • Bicarbonate of Soda;  1/2 Tsp
  • Salt;  1/3 Tsp
  • Water;  300ml
  • Vegetable Oil;  a little (for greasing pan)
[Direction 1]

Whisk all the ingredients in a bowl except for Tsubu-An. Leave the batter mixture in room temperature for about 30 minutes.

Pouring batter to the moldGrease the fish shaped pan thinly with some vegetable oil and place the side without edge on a low-medium heat. Pour the mixture into the fish shaped mold. Whilst grilling the batter rises so pour it just about half way up of the mold and do not over fill it.

Place Tsubu-An in the centre of the fish shape as well as some in the tail part.

After grilling for 5 minutes swap the side of pan and start heating the other side on a low-medium heat. When it gets heated pour batter into the mold up to 60%. Close the pan by placing the side which was grilled first with Tsubu-An on top of the side currently on a heat.

Placing Tsubu-An in the center   Closing pan

Grill this side for 5 – 10 minutes. Make sure the other side is also cooked thoroughly with golden brown colour. Remove the sweets from the fish mold.

Two fish with tea

Tai-Yaki goes well with a cup of Green Tea

<Half-Moon-Yaki (半月焼き) >

This is another way to make ‘Tai-Yaki’ for the people who don’t have the Fish shaped pan. I named it ‘Half-Moon-Yaki’.

[Direction 2]

Heat up a frying pan and grease with a little bit of vegetable oil. Pour the same batter mixture for making Tai-Yaki into a slightly oval shape.

Quickly place some Tsubu-An on slightly closer to one side before the surface dries up. Halve the dough towards the side with Tsubu-An on.

Oval-yaki   Halved

Press the edge around Tsubu-An so the batter stick together. Grill the both side well untill it becomes golden brown.

Half Moon yaki

Half-Moon-Yaki with Green Tea


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