Do you know Today is ‘TOFU’ Day?


Today is ‘TOFU’ Day


Today is the 2nd of October. In Japan month comes before date so today’s date is the 10th month (October) and the 2nd day. In Japan we have several ways in reading number. We read ‘10’ as ‘To(u)’ and ‘2’ as ‘Fu’ in some reading. By connecting both it becomes ‘To-Fu’. That is why it is ‘TOFU’ Day today. You got it? It is a silly pun playing on words but it’s good to remind people about certain foods & things and make people appreciate what we have.  🙂


8 thoughts on “Do you know Today is ‘TOFU’ Day?

    • Oh, you don’t like Tofu? There are good Tofu and not-that-good Tofu. Of course if you eat just Tofu you might not think it tasty but when you eat it with great sauce or cook it in a great way, good-Tofu turns into a very tasty dish. It can even become nice sweets & dessert. I am planning to introduce some Tofu cooking here and hope I can turn you into a Tofu lover sometime! 🙂

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