Halloween Ghost(busters) Daifuku

Ghost Daifuku2

It’s a Halloween tonight! I live in England so I am going to be subtle in this more American tradition.

I have been thinking about making some kind of Japanese sweet in Halloween style but did not have much time. I managed to make this Daifuku in Ghost-like shape but it turned out more like the ghosts in the movie ‘Ghostbusters’

Halloween Ghost(busters) Daifuku

Ghost Daifuku up

It is with the same ingredients as normal Japanese sweet ‘Daifuku (大福、だいふく)’ by using ‘Tsubu-an (粒あん)” and ‘Mochi (餅、もち)’. I just made it into a shape of ghosts instead of wrapping the Tsubu-An completely with mochi.

Ghost Daifuku3

Ghost Daifuku 4The eyes and mouth are holes I created on mochi sheet and each Daifuku came out with a little bit of character. It was not perfect but these little ghosts are rather amusing.

Be safe Everyone and have a Happy Halloween!!


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