A Nostalgic Ramen Shop in Japan

Ramen Shop

In the heart of Nagoya in Japan I found a very old-fashioned ‘Ramen’ shop in the basement of a building. Ramen shops in London try to look fashionable (and charge more) but all the Ramen shops used to be like this shop in very retro style when I was a child. It looked so nostalgic and I could not resist going inside …

‘Ramen-Tei (ラーメン亭)’ 

The thing attracted me the most was the turnover pace of their customers. There always was a line of people waiting for a seat outside of the shop. As soon as somebody leaves the table one or two people from the front of the line take the empty seat but the line never ended at lunchtime.

After waiting for a while my turn came. Going inside by walking under the ‘Noren’, the small curtain with the shop’s logo hung on the front. It was a quite tiny shop space. Main feature is the U-shaped long table in the middle and some other small tables were along the walls. Three people were working at front of house restlessly.

Ramen shop inside

The kitchen was open to see for all the customers. It looked very small, however, three chefs managed working inside very efficiently.

Ramen shop inside 2

All the menu was on a wall. It was more like a Chinese restaurant and they were very reasonably priced. For example the Ramen was 400 yen (about 2.20 pound) and the most expensive item was ‘Char Shu Ramen’ with roasted Pork fillet 600yen (about 3.30 pounds). A big price difference compared to Ramen in London.

Ramen shop menu

I ordered ‘Gomoku-Men‘. It was Ramen with lots of vegetables. Later on I thought I should’ve ordered just normal ‘Ramen’ but this Vege Ramen was quite good anyway.

Vege Ramen

Vege Ramen 3

Of course I don’t say this restaurant was top quality but I heard that they serve very good ‘Gyoza (Dumplings)’. It comes with 10 pieces and priced 350 yen (less than 2 pounds) very reasonable! So it will be my next mission to have a big meal there when I go back to Japan.

Shop: “Ramen-Tei” @Chunichi Bil Town B1F, 4-1-1 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Japan

If you are interested in seeing the best Ramen movie I recommend ‘Tampopo’ (Dir: Juzo Itami). You see the nostalgic Ramen shop there. Containing some funny tips on eating Ramen etiquette.


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