‘Manju’ in Autumn Theme


One of the things I was looking forward to when I went back to Japan was of course ‘Manju (まんじゅう)’ the Japanese sweet. I can make some by myself but I just wanted to try some very good ones that I cannot find in London.


As I mentioned previously in “the Taste of Autumn” we are sensitive to changing seasons in Japan and ‘Wagashi (和菓子)’ the Japanese sweet is no exception. At the very beginning of Autumn the colour/pattern/ingredients of Japanese sweets have been already changed into Autumn theme.

One of three sweets in the above photo you can see that the key ingredients is ‘Kuri (栗、くり)’ – Chestnut. Chestnut is very widely used for all sort of sweets in Japan in Autumn.

The bottom right one is created with the image of a mountain in Autumn colour and Japanese Maple ‘Momiji‘ pattern was stamped on it. It also has pieces of Chestnut mixed in.

manjyu 2

They were all very tasty sweets and went very well with strong Green Tea.  🙂


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