My First Afternoon Tea Experience

I have been living in England for many years. During that time I have picked up several English customs such as having toast with Orange Marmalade and a MUG of Milk Tea for breakfast or Tea-time at 4:30 often with Earl Grey Tea. I also love Scones but it has to be with Clotted Cream and Raspberry Jam. However, I have never experienced having a set of Afternoon Tea in a Tea shop … until recently.

Last week I saw a friend of mine in Central London. We decided go to Patisserie Valerie for Afternoon Tea.


I ordered a pot of Earl Grey Tea to go with it. As the tradition it came in a Three-tier Cake Stand. In order to enjoy this opportunity I did not have breakfast or Lunch so I dived in to the the bottom savoury plate first.


It was with some Sandwiches and a Mini Vegetable Quiche. The fillings of Sandwiches were Cucumber, Egg mayonnaise, Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese, Ham and Spinach and Chicken, Pesto & Sun-blazed Tomatoes.


I finished all the savouries and then moved onto the Top plate. It was filled with six pieces of cakes.


I started from Mixed Berry Mousse and Chocolate Éclair and followed with Double Chocolate Mousse. Other cakes were Carrot & Walnut Cake and Victoria Sandwich.


Oh, all the cakes were gone! Now we had only the middle plate of Scones and Clotted Cream.


I halved the scone and put plenty of Clotted Cream and mounted up Raspberry Jam on top. Oh yes, it should not be the other way round for me (I forgot to take a photo).

And that was it! I finished everything. It was a great experience. I appreciated they were serving proper Tea with loose tea leaves in a pot (very British!). The set menu’s price is normally £25 for Two people but we had it luckily with a Groupon price of £19.50. I thought it was very reasonable. Although I was fairly satisfied with what I had, I would rate this Afternoon Tea four stars. That’s because I wanted to have some more cake. It was Valerie the Patisserie after all.

Afternoon Tea at ‘Patisserie Valerie‘ ★★★★☆

I thought Afternoon Tea is a great British custom. I might start going around many Cafés to try their Afternoon Tea from now. 😉


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