Matcha Soy Latte with Japanese Sweet

So I made this Matcha Soy Latte in exactly same way as my quite recent post: Iced Matcha Tea but just change Water into Soy Milk.


There are several grades in ‘Matcha‘ Green Tea sold in a shop. I normally use average grade of Matcha Tea for baking Cakes. That is because the delicate flavour of best Matcha Tea gets kind of lost during baking. However, for this Matcha Soy Latte because it is for drinking, tasting and admiring the intense Matcha flavour, I used higher grade Matcha Green Tea Powder.


It was great. Having Matcha in your sweet is wonderful but drinking Matcha Tea with a great sweet is something different. Something special for a Japanese.

I don’t normally put any sweetener for my Green Tea and didn’t for this Matcha Soy Latte either, but after finishing the tea I thought maybe a tea spoon of either syrup or sugar might go well too.


Enjoy your Matcha either as your sweet or as your drink. 😀


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