Easter Mochi Eggs & Cinnamon Nest

It’s Easter weekend. In some shops during this season you see many sweets in the Easter theme. They are mainly chocolate in either a rabbit bunny shape or eggs and chicks. I know it is an event for Christian people but I cannot help myself not to think of some Japanese sweet to make for this occasion.

I have made some chicks with Japanese sweet ‘Nerikiri’ before so this year I wanted to make something else. When I was making ‘Hanami-Dango’ (in my previous post) I got the idea of making eggs with the ‘Mochi’ sweet and also some other sweets to compose the nest to place eggs in …

Easter Mochi Eggs & Yatsuhashi Nest

So this is the Japanese sweet I thought for the Easter theme this year.

Easter eggs.2

The base of the Nest is created with Cinnamon Mochi sheet which is called ‘Yatsuhashi’. It is a famous Mochi type sweet from Kyoto that flavoured with a mixture of Cinnamon and toasted Soy Beans ‘Kinako’.

Easter eggs 3-1

Inside the cup made of Cinnamon Mochi some ‘Tsubuan’ sweet Azuki bean paste was placed at the bottom and then ‘Matcha-An’ was piped in as grass nesting material.

Easter eggs single2

Then finally ‘Shiratama’ Mochi Eggs that was made in the same way as ‘Hanami-Dango were placed on the top.

Easter eggs

Oh, one more thing. I made the Blue Birds of happiness as the parents for the eggs.

Easter eggs single-2

So, have a Happy Easter, everyone!  😀


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