Mochi Dango

As a part of the story of ‘Hanami’ (Cherry Blossom viewing) I have introduced a sweet called ‘Hanami-Dango’ in April. It is a tri-coloured Mochi on a skewer which is a traditional and popular sweet in Japan. Yes, it is a tradition that Hanami-Dango is composed of three balls in green, white and pink colours. I also explained why it has to be in those colours and why in that order. However, It is my nature to try arranging things to create something different and Dango is no exception so I made un-traditional Dango.

Mochi Dango

This is Mochi Dango with two types of Mochi and toppings.

Mochi Dango

You might be wondering what Dango is. So here is a simple explanation. Dango is basically a generic term of food, normally Mochi type, that is rolled up and made into a small ball shape. Each small ball is a Dango but quite often three or four small balls are placed on a skewer.

So I made two types of small Mochi Dango and put them together on a skewer.

Mochi Dango 4

One of the Dango I made is plain Mochi with Raspberry-An (sweet bean paste) with dried Raspberry topping. The slightly sour flavour of raspberry matches well with the gentle sweetness of white bean paste.

Mochi Dango 3

The other one is ‘Yomogi Mochi’ with ‘Tsubu-An’ and ‘Kinako’ topping. The combination of a faint tanginess of Yomogi (Mugworts leaves) flavour and Azuki Beans is a perfect match. A sprinkle of Kinako gives the hint of aroma too.

Mochi Dango 2

This sweet is free from Gluten, Egg, Dairy and Oil.

Mochi Dango 4

It looks fun seeing two completely different types of Dango on one skewer.

My search for the new flavour combination continues …  😀


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