Mochi Snow Rabbit

When I had a stall in a Christmas Market in December, it was the day that it snowed all day in London. It is very rare to see snow and it is even rarer that snow stayed on the ground over night here.

Japan, where I came from, is a geographically long country lying from North to South with a high mountain range in the midlle almost like a back bone. That was why we have completely different weather depends on where it is. During winter time some places get lots of snow fall and people in such places have some special customs to spend their time. Apart from the obvious choice of Snowman, children in a snowy country make a cute thing with snow. It is a Snow Rabbit that is simply a snow ball made into a oval shape with two leaves as ears and two red berries as eyes to make a face.

Mochi Snow Rabbit

So I made my Snow Rabbit but it is not the traditional one with real snow. It was with ‘Mochi’ as my new Japanese sweet.

Snow Rabbit 4e

I made snow white soft Mochi type outer layer. I coloured the same Mochi material to create red eyes and green leaf ears.

Yes, don’t forget that I also made a cute bum with a round tale. 😉

Snow Rabbit 8

I wanted it have some contrast visually and also in flavour. For matching its cute figure I decide to flavour the sweet white bean paste with Raspberry. The slight sweet sour taste of Raspberry goes well with the soft sweet Mochi flavour and texture. It has got a little bit of a rosey colour which makes it look pretty when you cut it.

Snow Rabbit 7e

However, there was a small problem. Because the outer Mochi layer is so white and slightly translucent the pinky colour of the Raspberry colour comes through the thin outer Mochi layer. So that I wrapped up the Raspberry-white bean paste with an another sweet White Bean paste and then placed as the centre for this sweet.

Snow Rabbit 5e

This sweet is Free from Gluten, Dairy and Egg.


4 thoughts on “Mochi Snow Rabbit

  1. So cute! I tried making my first mochi and it was a complete fail. I bought rice flour from a bio shop and maybe I should have bought sticky rice flour. ALL my Japanese friends buy them so they can’t help 😿

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