Lumiere London 2

Lumiere London was a big lighting festival that was held in January. I visited several areas in central London and my journey continued from the venues I took viewing the installations at Westminster Abbey, Soth Bank, Oxford Cirus to Piccadilly through Regent Street in my previous post.

Leicester Square

One of the main exhibition areas of this year’s Lumiere London was Leicester Square. Inside the square there were giant rabbits, fox, frogs as well as a huge Foxglove plant and many Butterflies glowed in the darkness, creating a magical fairy tale world.

Lumiere london 11

Lumiere london 16

It was really the Night Garden

Lumiere london 10

Lumiere london 14

Lumiere london 17

Kings Cross

Another main area with many art installations was Kings Cross. It spread out from just  outside of the train station towards Regent Canal area onward.

Lumiere london 22

This lady under the giant light is NOT me. 🙂

Lumiere london 24

Reminds me of the scene from the film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”

Lumiere london 23

Lumiere london 27

Lumiere london 26

Lumiere london 25

There were several more interesting installations that I had missed to view. It seems like this event gets held every year now. If you missed to attend this year’s you can find something different next year. 🙂


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