Oh! Hanami 🌸 Ukishima

For us Japanese Spring time is all about ‘Sakura’ Cherry Blossom. You might think all the Cherry blossoms are the same, however, there are many different types. The species with single petal flower start blossoming first and then other types with multi petals follow to open flowers. So that, although the best viewing time is quite short for each tree, we can enjoy viewing Sakura Cherry blossom for quite a long time betwee mid – late March and throughout April in Japan.

These days it is getting quite well known that Japanese have a picnic party eating and drinking under a full blooming Cherry tree. It is called ‘O’Hanami’. It literally means ‘the viewing of Sakura blossoms’ and it tells how much we love seeing Sakura. I tried to think a perfect Japanese sweets for this O’Hanami occasion which is something delicious in the Cherry blossom theme and also easy to pick and eat outdoors.

O’Hanami Ukishima

The sweet I created for the O’Hamani occasion is ‘Ukishima’. It looks quite like a western cake but is actually a very Japanese sweet with a soft, light texture. When I tasted this sweet the first time, I fell in love with it! The best thing about it is it’s so moist.

hanami Ukishima4

In order to make easier to eat this sweet outdoors I made them in a paper cup. Just on its own is so tasty but I added some Sakura theme design to it. I used another Japanese pastry to decorate the top of each cup.

hanami Ukishima5

Before cooking I divided the Ukishima dough into three containers and coloured one third with a light pink and added Matcha Green Tea into one third. So I made Ukishima in pink, white and then Matcha and white marble pattern.

hanami Ukishima1

By seeing the texture of the Ukishima it just looks like a western cupcake but this sweet does not contain any butter or wheat flour.

This sweet is Free from Gluten and Dairy.

hanami Ukishima6

In a paper cup this Ukishima is suitable for an occasion such as O’Hanami, picnic and any garden party.😊


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