Matcha Babka with Tsubuan

During the first lockdown in the UK, I made Babka twice. One was with Cinnamon and the other one was with Chocolate. When I was eating it, I thought that babka must go well with some Japanese ingredients. I’ve been thinking to try making my Japanese Babka for a while but didn’t have a chance … until recently.

Just before the UK went into the second lockdown, I started participating a virtual Bake-Off competition that is hosted by my local deli shop. The first task was Babka so it was the great opportunity for me to try creating my imaginary Japanese Babka.

Matcha Babka with Sweet Azuki Bean Paste & White Chocolate

I added Matcha green tea powder to the brioche dough to give the pastry beautiful green colour and also, sweet but a little pungent green tea flavour. For the filling I spread ‘Tsubuan’ sweet Azuki (red) bean paste all over the stretched dough and then scattered some white chocolate pieces on top. What I aimed to create was a great contrast in colour as well as flavour.

I don’t call this sweet ‘Wagashi’, but it’s a western sweet with a Japanese twist so I categorise it as a Japanese cake. For the people who know Japanese bread it is basically a Matcha ‘Anpan’ with White Chocolate.

The Bake-Off competition was judged virtually so it must be difficult to imagine the flavour combination of this babka for western people, however, the result was quite good and it received the 3rd place.😊

The Virtual Bake-Off has reached to the fifth task now and still one more week and the final competition are waiting for me. You can view all my creation on one of my Instagram account ( @im_in_a_dream ). Thank you!


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