One Afternoon

Sunbathing Clover

Sunbathing Clover

Day 9 on ‘Photo101’ – Warmth & Quality of Light

This photo is one of many shots I took originally for the theme ‘Big’ by hoping to capture the size of Big building behind and a tiny clover flower as the foreground. The Flare of the Sun came in nicely so I decided to select this for the theme ‘Warmth’. Can you feel the Warmth?


Amazing Lines in Nature

Yamori Face

Magical Eye of ‘Yamori’ the Gekko’

Day 8 on ‘Photo 101’ – ‘Natural World & Leading Lines’

I am a Food Blogger but I love animals too. Nature fascinates me. Every part of creatures or plants is designed perfectly. This ‘Yamori’ the Gekko, I found in a room at my parents’ house, can climb up any surface because of the lines on the back of its feet. They work as suckers. The pattern on its body is also amazing.

Yamori Foot

These lines are in 3D! Just Amazing.

YamoriI love seeing animals and plants up close. It’s almost ‘David Attenborough’. I released the Gekko back into the wild afterwards of course.


Massive Female Power

Broadgate Venus (2)

Broadgate Venus

Day 7 on “Photo 101” – ‘Big & Point of View’

This is one of the statues that is most suitable to be described as ‘BIG’. It is ‘Broadgate Venus’ in London. I could not do a point of view shot for this one but just compare it with the size of beer bottles and a glass. The shape and the colour as well as its size make such an impact!


Column Object

In contrast to the Broadgate Venus’s curvy organic shape, the next photo has a very geometrically shaped column and a tall building. Although they seem to be inorganic with a similar metallic colour and texture, the column has many cut out shapes of leaves & creatures and the building also has a long gentle curve on its side. By being positioned next to each other with precise calculation they look like a perfect combination to me.

Paths to the Unknown

Bridge in Moss Temple

The Bridge covered with Moss leads you to a quiet World

Day 6 on “Photo 101” – ‘Connect’ & Tag

This is an ancient bridge over a pond in a quiet Moss Temple in Kyoto, Japan. Under a dense canopy the quiet atmosphere spreads out as if time has stopped. I was alone there. Moss spreads out literally 360°. Not just your vision, but your hearing is also affected in this world. You feel like you have been sucked into another dimension.


Tunnel in HollandThis is also a connection in a totally different world in the Netherlands. In this winding tunnel you cannot see where it’s leading you to, but bright sunlight comes through the leaves giving you exiting expectation.

You are Unique

Tiny Leaf in Solitude


Day 5 on “Photo 101” – ‘Solitude’ & “The Rule of Thirds

I found this Leaf popping out from a trunk of a Big Tree. All the other leaves are growing properly on branches higher up getting bright sunlight. It is a Tiny Leaf as if it’s trying to hide away from being noticed…

When you are not doing the same thing as all the other people, you start to doubt whether you might be doing something wrong. But what I want to say to you is “HEY! Why are you so worried about what others think about you?” You are Unique and more interesting. Just be Confident. People will find you special and start following you soon. The situation changes. You can change it.

Regarding the “the Rule of Thirds”, by placing this Tiny Leaf at the corner closer to the bottom I think it certainly creates a more ‘Solitude’ feeling of the Leaf. I like the contrast of colours and texture between the young fragile looking green Leaf and the dry coarse surface of the Tree trunk.

Hatsu-Hinode (The Sunrise of New Year’s Day)

Hatsu-Hinode in Japan

‘Hatsu-Hinode’ – The Sunrise of New Year’s Day

Day 4 on “Photo101” – ‘Bliss & Caption’
There are several occasions/situations that make for me, a bliss moment. It can be a gathering with my family, finishing some satisfying creations, having a nice afternoon tea in a beautiful garden or seeing a happy Labrador puppy jumping around me.
I selected this photo for my ‘Bliss’ picture. It is the Sunrise of New Year’s Day in some year. After a long wait in a sharp cold atmosphere, the moment finally arrives. The sky starts breaking its monochrome darkness from the horizon and then turning into a myriad of colours. Finally the bright orange beam spread outs.
That is our Sun. In Japan we make a wish at the First Sunrise of the New Year. You just feel something good will happen in the New Year. Great anticipation warms up your mind which is filled with big hope.

Arches and the Reflection

Arches and the Reflection

Day 3 on “Photo 101” – ‘WATER & Orientation’
I went out to take some photos today by thinking I might get a great shot at a nearby reservoir. But the reservoir was almost empty and it was hardly a picturesque place unfortunately. So I moved on to a park which has some water feature with a small waterfall and … I saw it was a water feature without water … Aaaaah. However, I found this canal area was rather interesting. Lots of curves gathered including a blue entrance gate to the park as the background.
And for Today’s question ‘Horizontal vs Vertical’ I definitely chose horizontal for this spot because more curves can fit in to a frame. However, my question was ‘Colour vs B&W’.

Arches and the Reflection B&W

Yes, I cheated. I took this photo as colour and changed it into B&W. I saw some fellow blogger challenging in B&W shooting and I was motivated to this. It is originally a same photo but I think arches/curves stand out more in B&W for my eyes. What do you think?

A Long Steep Street

Inderwick Rd

Day 2 on “Photo 101” – ‘STREET’

There are some other things I like to do as well as making & eating Food. Photography is one of them. Today’s theme for “Photo 101” is ‘STREET’ so here it is.

This street is a long and very steep road. I wanted to capture how big the slope is on my camera but it was much more difficult to do than I thought. Both ends of the road are almost like a hill and the middle of it is the lowest part. It is actually like a valley. But unfortunately you can’t get this impression in the photo. Or can you?

I don’t have a very expensive camera yet. I wonder if a better lens could have created the vision I wanted.

Me & Supermarket in my Home Town, Japan

It’s been nearly three months since I started my blog. I am slowly getting what I have to do as a blogger but in order to do it properly I am going to follow the instruction of “Blogging 101” & “Photo 101” for the next few weeks. Today is Day 1, so let me re-introduce myself to you. 


Who I am and Why I am here?

I am Japanese and live in London. I like creating things, anything visual but particularly FOOD. I love eating and making food. So did you guess? Yes, I am a Food blogger. I post what I make & eat or show you something I think interesing.


As a Japanese foodie I would like to introduce you to Japanese food other than just Sushi. I am passionate about making Japanese Sweets. They are very different from any western sweets. Many of them are Dairy/Egg/Gluten-Free. I have been planning to post ‘How to Make Japanese Sweets’ for a while, however, I had to rearrange my plan to post starting from the very basics. So it is taking a little bit longer but don’t worry I will start posting very soon.


Supermarket in my Home Town, Japan

I just came back from Japan and my blog is in the middle of the report on Visiting Japan, so for another assignement ‘HOME’ I introduce to you the Supermarkets in my Home Town in Japan.

There are three supermarkets near my mother’s house. They are all ordinary sizes and nothing special in Japan. However, what you find there is a feast for the eyes.

‘Sashimi’ always looks so fresh & very inviting in Japan.


Guess what this is?

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