Mission Accomplished!

nerikiri ready to go

‘Nerikiri’ ready to go to Market

It’s over! My mission to running a stall in the Chritmas market in two weekends in a row finished! Pheeeeeeeew.

Although I was planning and practicing some sweets as products, not everything went according to plan. What I have learnt from this experience was that “Food is a living thing”. Even when I thought I was following the recipe I had a great result before, something went wrong when I really seriously wanted to make everything neat and delicious. It was so unpredictable.

Some effort for making presentable products ended up a failure. That was the reason I was a little stressed especially just before the first market. However, my problem did not end there. The organizer of the first market did not do much publicity so we did not have many visitors. It was a shame because there were very good craft and products in the market as well as ours.

Kurumi Manju Wrapped

‘Kurumi (Walnut) Manju’

On the other hand, the second market was buzzing. It was a half day but many craft makers and homemade Japanese food sellers gathered in the venue. The visitors were mixture of Japanese and local people. Some even came from quite a long way by hearing the rumor that some Japanese food got served there. The food & drink that available there was Gyoza, Tako-yaki, Shushi, Hot Plum Sake, my Sweets of course and more! We created a small seating area so that people could enjoy food at a table which almost looked like a small food hall in a shopping centre in Japan. Just unfortunately I forgot to take a photo on site (again) since I was concentrating on my stall, but I can tell you that the atmosphere was very good with a great vibe.

So, I would like to thank all the people that visited the markets, especially the people who were interested in my products and purchased my Sweets. I don’t know what kind of event I will do next but hope I can do something interesting again. Cheers! 💓


*Some product photos continue to the next post


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