My Products for the Market

So what were my range of products for the markets? I did not have much time to take photos and by the time I finished making and before packing, there wasn’t enough natural light to take good photos of all my products. However, I managed some.

The first product I introduce to you here is the most colourful one ‘Nerikiri‘. Nerikiri is the very delicate Sweet which basic ingredients are just rice flour, sugar and beans so that it is Gluten/Dairy/Oil/Egg free. It is one of the most classy Japanese Sweet ‘Wagashi (和菓子)’ that are often used for Tea Ceremony.

These are the three types I made.

Nerikiri 3 types

One of three types is ‘Kaki (Sharon Fruit/Persimmon)’.

Kaki Nerikiri

I have made it before and used the photo on this blog a while ago. It has ‘Shiro-An (White Bean paste)’ and Sharon fruit jam as a centre.

Another type is ‘Sakura (Cherry Blossom)’ which is very similar but a little different version of the sweet I use its photo for the banner of this blog page.


The last type ‘Chocolate & Damson’ is the one which is more westernised Nerikiri with Damson puree inside and Chocolate dusting on outer layer.

Chocolate damsam


Another colourful product is ‘Ukishima (浮島) – Floating Island’ that I was practising two weeks ago.

Ukishima gathered

This is very light & moist sweet and Gluten/Dairy/Oil free. One flavour was Matcha Green Tea and Apple and the another one is Chocolate and Chestnut.

Japanese sweet but slightly westernised one is these baked ‘Yaki-Manju‘. I made two types – ‘Kurumi (Walnut) Manju’, its photo is in the previous post, and these one ‘Kuri (Chestnut) Manju’.

Kuri manju

You can see that the outer layer puffed up a little bit more than it should do and it did not have the Chestnut shape like the ones in previous post any longer. What a shame. However, the taste was as good as it gets?!

I also made some ‘Yomogi (草もち)’. This was a ‘Mochi (Rice Cake)’ type sweet particularly for Japanese visitors.

Yomogi mochi

It is a sweet that ‘Tsubu-An‘ wrapped with a sticky Rice Cake with wild ‘Yomogi (よもぎ)’ leaves which we often mix into Rice Cake in Japan. The slightly bitter taste of this leaf gives a great contrast with the sweetness of bean paste.

On this photo I guess it might not look greatly appealing to you, especially this photo is a little unfocused. I must say it is never the most popular sweet among local people. When people try tasting this sweet they react in various ways. The sticky texture of outer layer seems just too weird to certain British, however, this is a casual every day comfort Japanese sweet for Japanese that we want to have with a cup of hot Green Tea when we are very tired after a long busy day.

Although there were some more sweets and Jam, my products range was more or less like these. During the process of this market preparation I have learnt some “Dos & Don’ts”. Everything was great experience and nothing is wasted. 🙂


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