My First Order!

Hooraaaay! I had the first order for my Japanese sweets and I managed to deliver them to the client last Saturday. (Sorry, it takes so loooooong to write in a second language)

The client was a lady who lives locally. She visited my market stall on the 6th of December and liked my products. She wanted my Japanese sweet for her husband’s birthday party who loves Japanese food. What a lovely thought!

So what she ordered me was 35 pieces of ‘Ukishima’ with Matcha Green Tea & Apple and Chocolate & Chestnut flavours. I prepared the ingredients ready for making it on time for the Saturday.

So, Voila!


35 Pieces of Ukishima became ready! I cut and trimmed the edge of each piece carefully.

Ukishima matcha

Ukishima chocolate

35 Pieces of Ukishima were wrapped up individually and ready to go to the Party!

Ukishima wrapped

Wrapping them was a little fiddly and took longer than I had planned but I managed packing them in a box.

Oh, there was one more thing I prepared. Since this was the first order, I wanted to give a little thank you to the client. I made this gift for her.

Sakura in a box

Little ‘Sakura Manju’ in an Origami Box.


When the client saw the products she was very happy. Hope all the guests & the Birthday Boy liked it too!

Earl Haig

The Party Venue

So 🎂 Happy Birthday! 🎂 Hope you all had a Wonderful Time!


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