Matcha Ukishima Cake with Sweet Chestnut


This is one of the sweets I assorted for creating the Sweet Gift Box in an Autumn theme which I introduced on my previous post. It might look like a normal western cake but it is actually very Japanese sweet.

The green base part is a Japanese sweet called ‘Ukishima‘ that is made from Sweet White Bean Paste, Egg and Rice Flour. It has a light texture but it is also silky and very moist. I have added some ‘Matcha‘ Green Tea powder for giving the lovely green colour and flavour.

I wanted to make it look like a western sweet so that I made it into two layers of Ukishima parts decorated with piped Japanese cream.


It has no wheat flour so it is actually Gluten Free as well as Dairy Free.

You might think ‘What Dairy-free? I can see whipped cream on it!’ but No, you’d be wrong. The piped white stuff is Sweet White Bean Paste and not Dairy Cream.


I added some Sweet Chestnut pieces in the middle and also decorated the top with one piece of Chestnut.

As I mentioned in my recent post we Japanese really love Sweet Chestnut. Sweet Chestnut is the most seasonal ingredient we enjoy in Autumn. I have to use it for Autumn sweets. Sweet Chestnut also goes very well with Matcha flavour so it is a winning combination as a sweet.  🙂


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