Hina-Doll sweet for the Girl’s Day

It is the Girl’s Day ‘Hina-Matsuri’ today the 3rd of March. For a few weeks until this day in Japan we place a set of dolls called ‘Hina-Ningyo’ in a room and celebrate the healthy growth and happiness of girls.


from Wikipedia (Hinamatsuri)

There are many different scales in Hina-Ningyo and some gorgeous one is composed of several shelves with a red cloth on top and each shelf is decorated with either some figures or ornaments. The most important part of this is the very top shelf where a male and a female figures are placed. They are the Emperor and the Empress.

There are several sweets that are traditionally only for this occasion. One of them is a diamond shaped sweet in tri-colours of pink, white and green called ‘Hishi-mochi’. Last year I created Hishi-moch with a type of Japanese sweet called ‘Ukishima’ but this year I made the Hina-dolls too.

Hina-Ningyo/Hina-Dolls the Sweet


These are my Hina-ningyo, the Emperor and the Empress this year with Hishi-mochi on the side.


These are made from eight parts and took quite a long time to create each figure.

hina-ningyo-4I did not want to make their faces too realistic so I only made the eyes and mouths and then …. they became a little bit common looking. (-_-;)Β  Particularly the Emperor looks a bit weird?



I think the Empress looks a little cuter (from this direction) showing her long hair down her back.


Hishimochi is also made with ‘Nerikiri’ sweet this time.


All these sweets are Free from Gluten, Egg, Dairy & Oil.


The Empress, the female version of this sweet, is served at Wasoukan CafΓ© (Notting Hill, London) until the end of this month.Β  πŸ™‚


17 thoughts on “Hina-Doll sweet for the Girl’s Day

    • You’re welcome! I did not have any Hina Ningyo when I was a child. I’ve got two small ones now here in Lond0n. This edible one is an aditional to my collection though it is for one day only. πŸ˜€


  1. How adorable! These are very advanced wagashi…it’s almost like making a sculpture! How long does it take to make the empress? I didn’t have any special sweets this year, but I did make two hina ningyo out of origami πŸ˜€

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