Blackberries and Mirabelles

It was about a month ago that I picked the first Blackberry of the year. On the way back home from a little walk to the local Sunday market I noticed the berries were just getting ripe. It means that one year has passed since I had missed all the possibilities to pick Blackberries last summer and I did not want to miss the chance this time again. So, my Blackberry picking time started!


I have picked Blackberries twice so far this summer. Since then the weather became very rainy in London and I haven’t had a chance to do the third one yet. Apart from eating them fresh as a dessert with some other fruits and yogurt I made Frozen Yogurt and Sourdough Bread with them and also added Blackberries to anything I bake.

Blackberry muffin.2

Blackberry Muffin

The desserts I baked were Muffins, my favourite Magic Cake, ‘Blackberry and White Chocolate Cake’, Gluten/Wheat free ‘Okara Chocolate Cake’. Some of these sweets need improvement but I am hoping to post the recipes of those here soon.

I took some photos of Blackberry since it flowered in spring and recent fruit picking time. The flowers are quite pretty pink. For the people who haven’t seen how Blackberries ripen I added some photos here.


Pretty Blackberry flowers


Green Fuits are emerging after flower’s gone


Fruits changing colour from green to red and then black


When you gently pull the fruit from the branch and if it comes out into your hand without any force, it is ripe and ready to pick!

I really hope some good ones are still out there. If it would not rain much this week I will go picking.


Apart from lots of Blackberries, I managed to have some other fruits from nearby woodland. Do you know what they are?


They are all different kinds of plums. The most interesting one is the bottom one in yellow. They are very small, cherry sized, but tastes exactly like a plum.


This fruit is called Mirabelle. I heard that French or some people in the continent like them a lot but I have never had it before. It was so sweet and juicy and could just to pop them into your mouth to eat fresh. Although they seem good for making jam, I did not make any nor baked into any sweet, yet.


4 thoughts on “Blackberries and Mirabelles

  1. Mirabelles and their slightly larger, greenish sisters – Reines Claudes or Greengages – are very common over here, and now that they’re in season, we’re eating through mountains of them 🙂 Some of my distant relatives lived in a small town just across the French border that was surrounded by vast Mirabelle orchards and we all went there to “help” with the harvest. “Help”, seeing as I was a small child back then, of course meant: sitting in a tree and eating the fresh fruit~ Good times!

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    • Ha ha, “Help” sounds like the most suitable expression then :D. I can imagine the clusters of ripe fruits on each branches! It must be one of the happy memories of yours.


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