Grape Mochi for September

September has just started. It means it’s the time that my sweet for this brand new month should be introduced. During the spring – summer season we get various fruits and vegetables harvested or found in a shop and I have used some as inspiration for the flavour or the image of my sweets such as mango, strawberry or Raspberry. So what kind of plant or fruit I can use for my sweet this month?

The variety of fruits are becoming less in this season. Luckily I found a very good one. Actually it was in my garden. I noticed that there were some branches stretching out from the next door. That was a grape vine and the fruit was just getting ripen. Yes, it is not my plant but some branches are coming into my side and reachable, AND nobody-else seems to care, And I think it is a sin to waste food so I took some grapes and tasted. It was a little sour and tangy comparing to the shop bought ones but not too bad to eat.


The Grapes from my garden

So, it is the Grape season now and I used this inspiration for creating my September Japanese Sweet.

Grape Mochi

This is a Mochi type sweet. I decorated the plain Mochi with Grape pattern as a reminder of what is inside.

Grape Mochi1p

It has sweet White Bean Paste inside but that is not all. I tried something new this time.

Grape Mochi3p

The centre of this sweet is a very juicy whole fresh seedless Grape (peeled). Oh, I have to tell you that the fruit inside is not the one from my garden. I used a fully ripe delicious one from a shop.

Grape Mochi6p

The fresh fruit matches very well with the softness of the outer Mochi layer and the sweetness of the White Bean Paste. It is very refreshing.

Grape Mochi5-2p

This sweet is free from Gluten, Egg, Dairy and Oil.

Grape Mochi4p

This Grape Mochi is served with a tasty Matcha Tea at Wasoukan Café until the end of September.


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