Ginkgo Leaf

My second sweet for November is also in the Autumn Colour theme. The shape is the leaf of ‘Ginkgo’ which becomes the most brilliant yellow colour during this season. Ginkgo is one of the most ancient plants which has not evolved for millions of years. The Ginkgo tree is originated in East Asia and I think there wasn’t many in the UK before. However, I noticed lately more Ginkgo trees along many avenues in newly developed area.

Leaves on grundI have a beautiful childhood memory with Ginkgo leaves. I think it was in somewhere in Kyoto. I was about 3 or 4 years old and running around in a Shinto Shrine ground which was covered with magnificently yellow Ginkgo Leaves fallen from the numerous trees. It was like a massive carpet spread out as far as I could see.


Ginkgo Leaf

So, I chose the image of my childhood memory for making the November sweet.

Ginkgo Orange 1

It is a ‘Nerikiri’ type of Japanese Sweet ‘Wagashi’ created by folding yellow pastry sheet into a leaf-like shape.

Ginkgo Leaf

Sweet Aduki bean paste is placed inside.

Gonkgo 6p

It is Free from Gluten, Egg, Dairy and Oil.

Ginkgo Orange 3

This Ginkgo sweet is served at Wasoukan Café (Notting Hill, London) until the end of November. Enjoy!😊


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